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This product is widely used in construction, decoration, handicraft processing, advertising, pruning fruit trees and other industries, as well as hiking, fishing and other outdoor leisure activities and an essential tool for the average family.


  1. For general& wood,plastic,rubber,bamboo,rope,soft metal,stainless steel etc
  2. For wood & PVC(Flat saw blade)
  3. For Tile,Ceramic,Stone,etc(Diamond blade=Special Blade)
  4. Sharpening for knife,scissors,glass etc(Diamond sharpening blade)
  5. For Tile ,Stone,etc(Drill)
  6. For Glass,Stone(Glass cutter)


Package Include:

as picture in the box describe :

 1 x Saw Body
 5 x Saw Blade (for genal & wood)
 2 x Tile Drill (for tile, soft metal ect.)
 1 x Large Wood Saw Blade
 1 x Diamond blade
 1 x Diamond sharpening blade



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